Sunday, November 9, 2014


I have been working on a new space just for an Artsy Weekend.
It deserves it's own little place.
So all of the information for upcoming retreats can be found there.
It still needs a little work but it is good enough to be able to announce
the first retreat of 2015 and have you be able to visit there.:)

This beautiful lady will be here the last weekend of January.  I am so so excited to kick off 2015 with her!!  Stephanie's enthusiasm for what she does and her faith and her love of life is contagious. She is someone to know. She has just announced she has become a part of Documented Faith for 2015 and will be sharing that with us.  As well as her new line that she has created for Sizzix.  We will be art journaling and painting and stitching and making good stuff with our hands and hearts.  Love it!!  There are 12 spots available and I would love to have you there with us!!  You can go here to register and find out more.

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