Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So a funny thing...

It turns out that I can't just quit the retreat thing cold turkey...
soo I decided to just tone it down a little.
Less time, easy location, close to home, not as much worrying.

That being said I am bringing in a lady I am so excited to learn from,
She's talented. 
 If you don't know about her go on over to her blog
and educate yourself about her awesome self.
You will want to be her friend, pinky swear.
She is coming for a Friday night/Saturday class.
Only 12 lucky girls will be able to join us.
You probably want to be one of the lucky ones, right? 
Jump on over to the An Artsy Weekend page...
it'll give you the 411.

Thanks for not holding the whole not being able to quit cold turkey over my head.
You're a peach.
*big smile*

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  1. Hi. If there are still openings in the 52 cards class, then I would love to sign up! I think you emailed me back a month ago but I can't find the email.

    Thank you for the first email and I hope there's still room!

    Wendy Barney


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