Saturday, February 15, 2014

Winter {Roses}

I am a great fan of Winter.
I love to ski.
I love to be inside on a snowy day.
I could never live in a land without snow.
Nope, I couldn't live in Hawaii or some other tropical locale.  
I love to visit but I am a cold weather gal. 
I have grown up in the shadow of this beauty.
When she gets her first snow of the season it makes my heart smile.
Winter gives me a time to rest.

However, I am also a garden girl.
I adore flowers.
My mind needs the smell and feel of dirt.
I long for green leaves and grass under my feet.
My heart skips a beat when I see the buds starting to form on the lilacs.

I crave the early summer nights when my roses are in bloom.

For the last two summers my sweet husband and myself have been 
building me a greenhouse/garden get-away.
When my bi-polar hits me, as it is very likely to do, I need a sunny place
outside to escape to.  Not to mention I can keep a green place all year round.

We aren't quite done with the outside and the man is just starting on power
and water and getting the inside ready to use for plants.
I've been collecting bins and tables and all kinds of goodness for it.
We are in the home stretch and I am so excited I can't stand it!!
It's to the point now where I can start planning out the plants that will 
soften the exterior, add fragrance and beauty like nothing else can.
I already have planted two beautiful little hydrangea trees.
The last week I have been looking at climbing roses to grow on it.
Roses....I love them.
They bring something special to the garden.
I have come to really appreciate own-root roses.

These are just a few of oh so many gorgeous climbers out there.
I seriously don't know how to pick just one.
Thankfully there are certain characteristics they have to have
or I would just cover the whole darn thing with roses.
*big smile*

Hope you are making it through these last few grey days
of winter....let yourself daydream for a moment about
summer's eves spent in the garden smelling the roses.
I promise.

Another way to make it through the cold grey days is
spending the weekend with me at 'an Artsy Weekend'.
Sewing the days away with me, Julie and Ruth.
More details here...

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  1. I really appreciated reading about own-root roses. I didn't even know they were available. I love roses and grow them in Salt Lake City but we have a home in Spring City and have trouble growing them there due to the colder zone. I will have to look into these. I enjoy reading your posts.


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