Friday, February 28, 2014

Ruth Rae {Through a Friend's Eyes}

I got to write a few words about my friend,
Julie Collings, a week or so ago.
She will be teaching for me in a couple of weeks
 and I wanted you to know more about her
than just her artist profile...
something more about what kind of person she is.
I thought I would also like to know the Ruth
 that her friends know and so I asked a friend of hers,
Kristen Robinson, to give me a little somethin.
  Here are her beautiful thoughts of her friend.

Hi creative friends!
Many of you may have read my dear friend Ruth’s bio however I would like to tell you about her from the heart of her best friend. Call this my moment to boast about everything I love about her.

Ruth and I met through a mutual friend in Australia – pretty amazing as we only lived a handful of miles from one another. Our first outing and true meeting took place at a magnificent historical garden and library in Southern California on a brilliant and lovely day! It was instant friendship. From that day forward Ruth and I were truly inseparable.

Perhaps one of my favorite things about my best friend is the fact that she loves to do the unexpected. While we both love great meals, the perfect cup of tea and lovely culinary presentation – Ruth is never one to say no to dining on a bowl of grits at a Waffle House. These experiences always produce a good laugh and a chance to take more than one selfie. They are made all the better when followed up with a trip to an Art Museum where even there the giggles can be heard floating through the air.

It goes without saying that Ruth is an incredible artist. Each piece she creates is packed with a piece of her heart and soul. Each thread, paper and bauble is integrated into her work with not only a specific purpose in mind but also an element of the tale she wishes to relay. Her work is not only moving but very deep in its nature.

It is not everyday one gets to write not one but two books with their bestie. What better way to share not only an amazing part of the creative process but also integrate more moments to laugh, share, and explore together.

Ruth is the type of friend everyone should have. Honest and funny, loyal, caring and giving in ways most people could only dream of. She is creative and inquisitive. An amazing Mother to her grown children and always the voice of reason as she sees thing as they truly are!

It is a true blessing to spend time with her, learn from her, and create with her. There is a quiet beauty that emanates from her soul while at the same time there is a bounty of joy that shines in her eyes. It is an honor to have her in my life!

To say I am excited for each of you to have the opportunity to create with her is an

I've got to tell you...
after reading this sweet tribute from Kristen
 I can't wait to get to know this lady better.
There is nothing like meeting someone who has a
heart like that and is willing to share it.

There is still a few days to sign up for an Artsy Weekend with Ruth and Julie.

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  1. Such a sweet, and moving introduction about Ruth Rae. Wish I could have been at the workshop in Utah last year. Ruth's work is fabulous and you can tell she puts her whole being into what she creates. I have her book 'Layered, Tattered, and Stitched' and I am just beginning the journey of free motion mixed media art. She is such an inspiration to those of us who are fledgelings in this mixed media journey.
    Thank you for this inspiring post.
    Teresa in California


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