Friday, February 28, 2014

Ruth Rae {Through a Friend's Eyes}

I got to write a few words about my friend,
Julie Collings, a week or so ago.
She will be teaching for me in a couple of weeks
 and I wanted you to know more about her
than just her artist profile...
something more about what kind of person she is.
I thought I would also like to know the Ruth
 that her friends know and so I asked a friend of hers,
Kristen Robinson, to give me a little somethin.
  Here are her beautiful thoughts of her friend.

Hi creative friends!
Many of you may have read my dear friend Ruth’s bio however I would like to tell you about her from the heart of her best friend. Call this my moment to boast about everything I love about her.

Ruth and I met through a mutual friend in Australia – pretty amazing as we only lived a handful of miles from one another. Our first outing and true meeting took place at a magnificent historical garden and library in Southern California on a brilliant and lovely day! It was instant friendship. From that day forward Ruth and I were truly inseparable.

Perhaps one of my favorite things about my best friend is the fact that she loves to do the unexpected. While we both love great meals, the perfect cup of tea and lovely culinary presentation – Ruth is never one to say no to dining on a bowl of grits at a Waffle House. These experiences always produce a good laugh and a chance to take more than one selfie. They are made all the better when followed up with a trip to an Art Museum where even there the giggles can be heard floating through the air.

It goes without saying that Ruth is an incredible artist. Each piece she creates is packed with a piece of her heart and soul. Each thread, paper and bauble is integrated into her work with not only a specific purpose in mind but also an element of the tale she wishes to relay. Her work is not only moving but very deep in its nature.

It is not everyday one gets to write not one but two books with their bestie. What better way to share not only an amazing part of the creative process but also integrate more moments to laugh, share, and explore together.

Ruth is the type of friend everyone should have. Honest and funny, loyal, caring and giving in ways most people could only dream of. She is creative and inquisitive. An amazing Mother to her grown children and always the voice of reason as she sees thing as they truly are!

It is a true blessing to spend time with her, learn from her, and create with her. There is a quiet beauty that emanates from her soul while at the same time there is a bounty of joy that shines in her eyes. It is an honor to have her in my life!

To say I am excited for each of you to have the opportunity to create with her is an

I've got to tell you...
after reading this sweet tribute from Kristen
 I can't wait to get to know this lady better.
There is nothing like meeting someone who has a
heart like that and is willing to share it.

There is still a few days to sign up for an Artsy Weekend with Ruth and Julie.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Winter {Roses}

I am a great fan of Winter.
I love to ski.
I love to be inside on a snowy day.
I could never live in a land without snow.
Nope, I couldn't live in Hawaii or some other tropical locale.  
I love to visit but I am a cold weather gal. 
I have grown up in the shadow of this beauty.
When she gets her first snow of the season it makes my heart smile.
Winter gives me a time to rest.

However, I am also a garden girl.
I adore flowers.
My mind needs the smell and feel of dirt.
I long for green leaves and grass under my feet.
My heart skips a beat when I see the buds starting to form on the lilacs.

I crave the early summer nights when my roses are in bloom.

For the last two summers my sweet husband and myself have been 
building me a greenhouse/garden get-away.
When my bi-polar hits me, as it is very likely to do, I need a sunny place
outside to escape to.  Not to mention I can keep a green place all year round.

We aren't quite done with the outside and the man is just starting on power
and water and getting the inside ready to use for plants.
I've been collecting bins and tables and all kinds of goodness for it.
We are in the home stretch and I am so excited I can't stand it!!
It's to the point now where I can start planning out the plants that will 
soften the exterior, add fragrance and beauty like nothing else can.
I already have planted two beautiful little hydrangea trees.
The last week I have been looking at climbing roses to grow on it.
Roses....I love them.
They bring something special to the garden.
I have come to really appreciate own-root roses.

These are just a few of oh so many gorgeous climbers out there.
I seriously don't know how to pick just one.
Thankfully there are certain characteristics they have to have
or I would just cover the whole darn thing with roses.
*big smile*

Hope you are making it through these last few grey days
of winter....let yourself daydream for a moment about
summer's eves spent in the garden smelling the roses.
I promise.

Another way to make it through the cold grey days is
spending the weekend with me at 'an Artsy Weekend'.
Sewing the days away with me, Julie and Ruth.
More details here...

Monday, February 10, 2014

Julie Collings

Well hello there.
I wanted to share a little something with you today about my friend Julie.
She is one of the teachers for my upcoming retreat.
I told you a little about her here.
That was the 'she's doing a retreat for me biography'.
This is the 'she is an awesome friend and woman' tale.

This is the first picture of Julie I ever saw.
Can't you just tell by her eyes that she is lovely?
This picture screams artist, wise, loving...
she is all of those things.

We had a mutual friend who had been talking about Julie and her amazing talent.
I needed some little swag packets for the Jeanne Oliver Retreat and decided
that Julie was the girl to do those.  
Her Etsy shop is just full of beautiful little trinkets and ephemera...

I also decided that Julie Collings was just the kind of 
woman I wanted to be friends with.
Just from that picture.
I expected this serious artist.
She is anything but.
*big smile*
See those smile lines by her eyes?
They are there because when she smiles,
and that is often,
her whole face smiles.

I invited her to go glamping with me for my birthday.
Just a few friends together in the favorite place.
Creating, laughing, hiking...
and of course a little trip to SUNDANCE.

She is the most awesome camping companion...
she brings a tea pot and cool teas.
She brings laughter and serious conversation all at the same time.
She asks questions that make you think
and then she listens to the answers.
Julie brings her own brand of magic with her.

Spend 5 minutes with her and you will know of her love for her family.
She is the mom who goes to Comic Con with her kids and actually dresses up.
She adores her kids and it is apparent.
She makes me want to be that mom.

Is she a serious artist?
Why yes she is.
She even has a book.
And yes she does say things like 'tickle your fancy'.
She's cool like that.

She is an artist who loves to teach.
She's taught preschool.
She's created books to teach children to love making things.
She teaches us at an art group we belong to.
She is the best kind of teacher because she also loves to learn.
If you go to Julie's Pinterest there are all of the things she wants to learn.
There are lots of things that she has learned because she has a passion for it.
When she sees something she wants to know about she just does it.
I love that.
I hope a little of that will eventually rub off onto me.

In fact, I hope that a lot of her will rub off on me.
She is good and kind and wise.
She is a loyal friend.
A beautiful person.
Everyone should have a friend like Julie.

I really want you to be able to learn from her.
To soak in some of her good.
Lucky have that opportunity.
Not only to learn from her but to create side by side with her.

an Artsy Weekend {Fabric Arts}
There are spaces still available...
to find out all of the details click here.