Monday, November 18, 2013


I started doing an Artsy Weekend
with the thought that I could provide
a safe space where women who 
enjoy the same things could come and
share a day with each other.
I love to nurture other women.
So many of us need a little nurturing.

I wanted them to be able to learn new things & find inspiration.

Maybe meet some new friends.

Relax and enjoy themselves.

So when those were the exact things 
that I noticed happening
I was, of course, thrilled.  

It's amazing when you gather a group of 
like-minded women together
the power that you feel in the room.
I call it a spiritual feeling.
Because, to me, it is.
I love it each and every time I 
can facilitate that feeling.

A conversation on Saturday's 
event left me thinking hard about 
my role in the friendships that are formed,
the feelings that are felt,
the things that are learned.
I've received notes that have 
thanked me for a life changing experience.
I have heard over and over again
thank you's for my part in these
little weekends.
The conversation on Saturday
made me realize how little a part of
those weekends I really am.
Sure I put in lots of hours putting them
together, I miss bus stops because I am
brainstorming ideas of how to make
them special (it's the only way I am
able to do the same exact thing in the exact
same place every single day),
and I do love the thank you's for my part.
BUT the thing that makes those times
the most special are the women who come.
THEY bring the generosity of spirit with them.
THEY form the bonds with each other
that create lasting friendships.
THEY lift each other up by kindness.
THEY make what I do completely worth every second.
THEY are the special part.
I am truly blessed by each and every one of them.

I would like to thank them for the life changing
experiences that they have given to me.
Unselfishly giving something to me that
lifts me up and gives me hope.
I love each and every one of them.

Have a beautiful Monday and lift someone
up today...say something kind, do a little
something that will make someone
feel special.  You never know what that
might do for them.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Clickity click click...

So you know those times in your life where you're just 
cruisin along thinkin life is good...
then one day some little thing happens and you're like
ok, whatever, I can handle this.
Then the next day something else goes awry and
it's sorta medium not good and you're like, dang, 
but you pick up, dust off...keep going.
And then it just seems like every day for the next 3 weeks or so
it's something else gone wrong.  Nothing drastic, 
just small to medium, but put them all together
and it's just down right depressing?
Just went through that...I think we are through it...keeping my fingers crossed.

Well about half way through  I remembered a fun little clicker that
Hilary Weeks had sent me to try out. It is supposed to help 
you find the good and positive and man did I need some of that.
It was sitting on my computer desk buried under bills and 
school papers.  I grabbed it one morning as I was leaving
to take my bus for its morning workout.

I slipped it in my coat pocket and then I started thinking of
every single thing I had to be happy about or that I was
thankful for.  I will be honest, it was a stretch for me for a minute.
I was clicking for trees and mountains and the sky...
But you know what happened?
By the end of that morning run I felt a little better.
The things that were going on didn't seem quite so big.
I have a lot of things to be happy about.
That little clicker thing WORKED!!!
then something else bad happened that day.
a bad thing.
I clicked on my afternoon run.clicked.clicked.clicked.
I felt better even with that big bad thing on my mind.
I literally just sat down on my couch one day in
the middle of a not so happy situation and made myself
click.  I will tell you right now, it is an awesome little gadget.
Turned my frown upside down. seriously.

So..why am I rambling on about all of this clicking nonsense?
Because I want all of you to have one, of course!!
I want you to...

I want you to buy one for your girls and your mom and your bff.
I want all of you to feel the power behind that one little click.
So does Hilary.
In fact she wants to feel the power behind 1 BILLION CLICKS.
You can read all about her quest here.
It's a noble pursuit.
*big smile*
She has made a generous offer to my readers.
For each Clicker Kit ordered you will receive a free Clicker,
wristband and sticker ($4.99 value)
Just use the code MARCI235 when you checkout.
 The coupon is good until November 30th.

This little video explains it perfectly.

 Have a beautiful day full of clickable thoughts!!