Thursday, October 3, 2013

an Artsy Weekend {Handmade Holiday}


I never get things ready for Christmas.  We did craft shows for years and I will be honest and tell you that there were Christmas' that we were lucky to have a Christmas tree up and one year it didn't even have lights.  Just keepin it real.  It seems that my handmade holiday is the last one to get attention.

When I first started thinking of doing this I got really 
excited and the thoughts started to
swirl and twirl at an alarming speed...that's how things go in
 this brain of mine.
I thought mainly about my own selfish reasons to do this day 
of handmade deliciousness.
I could be ready to welcome December joyfully and not
 with my usual feeling of
 urgh...I'm going to fail at this month AGAIN??!!  
When I was first thinking of what to call this weekend
 I was going to call it DECEMBER: BRING IT ON! 
It sounded a little hostile.
Of course I wanted to invite lots of cool girls 
and have good food and offer great ideas and share and play
 and giggle and sing (yes, i may belt out a jingle or two) and have fun!!  
Throw in some uber cool make and takes and some presents
 under the tree from me
and VOILA! an Artsy Weekend Handmade Holiday 
was something that needed to be done.

I so hope you will join me!  I promise a pretty awesome day.
Your $10 admission will get you the following:

12 hours of uninterrupted craft time
cool make and takes 
neighbor gift ideas

Dana Engemann and Dru Beecher are offering amazing classes as well.
They are a'la carte, which means that once you have paid your 
admission fee I will send you the link to purchase their classes.

You can buy your admission right from here...if there are any problems please let me know and 
I will help you!  Thanks!!

an Artsy Weekend

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  1. You are amazing and I keep wanting to do something here in Texas but I am so freaking scared that no one will show up. LOL. I don't see the hubby ever moving us to Utah but if he said yes I would jump at the chance to live down the road from you sweet girl!! Love you and every time I see you online I get all teary eyed for ya!! You are so special!! LOVE YOU!!! Hugs from Conroe, TX


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