Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Handmade Holiday Potluck

Come enjoy a day full of creative goodness and holiday fun!
You will have a 12 hour period that you can 
work on your handmade projects.
Drop by for 5 hours or spend the 
whole 12 hours with us.  
Whatever works for you!

To keep costs down I have decided to make this a 
potluck and swap kinda day.
We'll have some favorite homemade soups and
 other yummies for lunch.
Treats throughout the day because a girl needs 
treats to craft properly. *wink and a smile*
You will have the option to participate in the swaps...
neighbor gifts and recipes and ornaments.
oh my.

Dana and Dru are teaching adorable a'la carte classes.
What is an a'la carte class you ask?
That means that once you have paid your $10
admission you will receive a link to both of their
classes and you can sign up straight through them.
Their projects and information can be seen below.

Lori Allred from Allred Designs and My Craft Channel
is doing a FUN FUN make and take and so is Blythe
Shupe from Close to My Heart.  You will LOVE them.

Shannon and Christine from Reclaimologists, 
Amber and Mindy from Cake for 2,
 and Tausha Hoyt  are going to give you
some adorable ideas to decorate for Christmas.

It really is going to be
 and I sure hope you can 
join us!!

Sign up right here on this page
or you can sign up on the sidebar.
If you have any questions please email me

an Artsy Weekend

There are 50 spots available.  I would like to have everyone signed up
before November 3.  I will email you all of the details after you have signed up.

The small print:
Once you have paid your fee it is non-refundable.

Kit includes everything you need to create one of these little cuties!

Kit includes everything you need to create one of these beauties!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Change of Plans

*Before I begin there is no change in the costs of Dru and Dana's classes.*

I started thinking of this little day of fun months ago.
I had great plans and wanted it to be this amazing day.
Then I kept running into brick walls.
I won't go into details but seriously just SO MUCH STRESS!!
I wanted to just give up on the idea a hundred times but
something in me just wanted to do it sooo bad.
It's taken way too many hours and thought and energy
and I felt like I needed to do it.

I love being able to create something wonderful for women.
There are so many of us that are struggling with things
and I've realized in my life having great women around me
adds something that nothing else can.  It brings you a feeling
that is just sort of magical.

So that brings me to this.
I just can't pull this off on my own.
I don't care about making money with it.
The stress is too much.
I'm callin UNCLE!!

I've decided to lower the price to $10 just to cover my costs.
IF you will be willing to pitch in and help this girl out.
I know times are tight this time of year.
I know everyone can't afford that kind of money.
I want everyone to be able to come.

This is what I would need help with...
Setting Up
and maybe a couple of other things I can't 
think of right now.
I have all of the ideas ready to 
go and you will just get an assignment.

If you can do something like that sign up!
I would so love to have you here.
Sign ups will end when I am full.
It's first come, first serve on choosing what
you want to help with. 
Sign-ups close on NOVEMBER 1st.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Farm {Before}

I ran across these pictures the other day and wanted to share a little
of what our farm looked like when we bought it.
Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures when we very first bought
it and I don't really have any pictures of the front of the house.

When we bought our little farm here it was just under 2 acres of scary.
We were looking at buying property west of here and building a new house.
The man's uncle talked us into looking at this is 3 houses down from him.
It is in an area we loved.  It has an amazing view.  The neighborhood is great.
The house and property were in serious need of some fixing up.
Short story...we ended up buying it.
We were young, ambitious and kind of stupid.

This is after we had started doing a little bit.  
We closed on it the 30th of October and weren't 
able to move in till the following March.
Yes, the inside needed that much work.

This is the back of the bird pens where my garden area is now.
My husband had birds when he was younger and loved it
and the bird pens were one of the first things we built.
The wood all came from the old bleachers at a nearby High School.
If you look in places there is still blue paint on them.

Another view of the bird pens and our backyard.

This is the "barn".  It is really a little shack and will hopefully be replaced
someday with a beautiful old wooden barn.  
For now it is stuffed to the rafters with hoarded antiques.
*big smile*

This is the area where my greenhouse is now.  
One thing about our place...almost all of it besides fencing
and roofing has been someone else's junk.  
We have torn apart old buildings, taken in lots of old fencing,
gone through an old pig farm, and basically been a dumping
ground for any and all building materials that people didn't want anymore.
My pride went out the door long ago.
*wink and a smile*
My dear husband has hauled many many trailers of railroad ties
from railroad dumping sites.  We have dragged old
telephone poles down the road with a four wheeler and a handtruck.
That was a sight.

The west side of the front yard.  
All of the trees that were planted here were trash trees.
We had to start all over and I planted trees as soon as possible.

My sweet hard working husband and little Maya girl.
All of the work at this house was done by him and me.
Family has helped at times but for the most part it was us.
My girls have sacrificed a lot of time and fun and that is one
of my biggest regrets about buying this place.
No matter how much I love it now...
it was a time and money pit for sure.

This was our backyard for a long time...yuck yuck yuck.
Our poor neighbors.
Finally we were able to get grass and wow that was a good day!!

Some of the first things that had to be done were siding and roofing and windows.
The siding that was on it was fiber board and it was rotten.
The roof was leaking and the windows were old aluminum that were original to the house.
We also put the porch on in the first couple of years.
Every house needs a front porch after all.

This was the side of the house...eek.

One more horrible back yard shot for the road. 

Crazy, huh? 
Lots of hard work.
It amazes me when I look at these.
I can't believe what we have accomplished.
It has been an adventure.
It's been a trial.
It's beautiful now and getting more so.
I'm so glad it's nearly done.
It's time to enjoy it.

I will post some after pictures in a day or two for those of you 
who haven't been here.
*big smile*

Just wanted to remind you that registration is open for 

 go here to see the details and to sign-up.
You don't want to miss it!!
It's going to be a good time!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

an Artsy Weekend {Handmade Holiday}


I never get things ready for Christmas.  We did craft shows for years and I will be honest and tell you that there were Christmas' that we were lucky to have a Christmas tree up and one year it didn't even have lights.  Just keepin it real.  It seems that my handmade holiday is the last one to get attention.

When I first started thinking of doing this I got really 
excited and the thoughts started to
swirl and twirl at an alarming speed...that's how things go in
 this brain of mine.
I thought mainly about my own selfish reasons to do this day 
of handmade deliciousness.
I could be ready to welcome December joyfully and not
 with my usual feeling of
 urgh...I'm going to fail at this month AGAIN??!!  
When I was first thinking of what to call this weekend
 I was going to call it DECEMBER: BRING IT ON! 
It sounded a little hostile.
Of course I wanted to invite lots of cool girls 
and have good food and offer great ideas and share and play
 and giggle and sing (yes, i may belt out a jingle or two) and have fun!!  
Throw in some uber cool make and takes and some presents
 under the tree from me
and VOILA! an Artsy Weekend Handmade Holiday 
was something that needed to be done.

I so hope you will join me!  I promise a pretty awesome day.
Your $10 admission will get you the following:

12 hours of uninterrupted craft time
cool make and takes 
neighbor gift ideas

Dana Engemann and Dru Beecher are offering amazing classes as well.
They are a'la carte, which means that once you have paid your 
admission fee I will send you the link to purchase their classes.

You can buy your admission right from here...if there are any problems please let me know and 
I will help you!  Thanks!!

an Artsy Weekend