Monday, August 12, 2013

A Beautiful Weekend...

I just had a most busily magical weekend.
(I am not sure if that even makes sense)

A while ago Jeanne Oliver did an interview with an artist
by the name of Stephanie Lee on her Ning group.
(Please, for the love of Pete, go sign up for Jeanne's Ning group if
you are in any way Artistically inclined or want to be.)
It is a good place to be. Stephanie Lee.
I immediately knew she and I would connect.
I immediately knew she needed to teach for me at a retreat.
She is talented in so many ways and so down to earth.
I contacted her and found out that she would be teaching
at a retreat at my friend Lorraine Lewis' house in August.
I couldn't do the whole retreat but she let me come for 
just her portion on Friday night.
She is just as wonderful as I knew she would be.
She will be teaching for me.
It's going to be one helluva retreat.
I'll keep ya posted.

So that started my weekend off on a super good note.

Saturday was 'an Artsy Weekend' with Junelle Jacobsen.
Another kindred spirit.
The last night of Jeanne's retreat with me we ate
dinner in my favorite garden on earth.

The sweet little lady who owns it is lovely and kind
and encourages me and I love her.
She said she wanted to learn watercolors.

I immediately decided to find someone to teach her
watercolors.  Jeanne went home the next day.
Junelle commented on a post Jeanne did on Facebook. 
I jumped to Junelle's page knowing she taught watercolors.
She lives in Manti, Utah, I thought she lived in Idaho.
I called her that day.
I booked her to come teach at the lovely garden and
that, my friends, is how kismet works.

Junelle is an amazing teacher.

The day was wonderful.

The ladies were beautiful.

The garden was at its peak.

We sat in a lovely little classroom

I chatted and laughed with 13 ladies and learned from an amazing teacher.

We ate yummy yummy food.

I left with my heart full of love for women I didn't know before that day...

and even more love for dear friends I knew before...

All I can say is this.
I am one lucky girl.
I get to do what I love.
I get to be around inspiring women.
I get to learn.
I have a husband who supports me.
I have a beautiful family.
God is good.


*photos were taken by Junelle Jacobsen...yes she takes photos too...TALENT!!


  1. Looks like a fabulous and perfect artsy retreat!!! I really wish that I could've been there!

    1. so was!! Wish you could've been too.:)

  2. Looks AMAZING!! You so deserve it!! love you!

    1. Thank you dear friend! I love you too!!

  3. Replies
    1. Oh sweet friend the feeling is mutual.

  4. marci, thank you for hosting such a beautiful event! i love my new found art :)


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