Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Confessions of a {PINNER}

I have been on Pinterest for a long time.
I pinned things I saw on blogs but rarely just poked around on the actual site.
Then I downloaded it onto the man's iPAD.'s easy to use.
 It's something to do while we watch t.v.
It's HIGHLY addictive.  
So I went from like 10 boards to 90.
Maybe 100 pins to 2,062 pins within a few weeks.

It's my crack.

So, I decided if I am going to pin my life away
I better put some of those pins to use.

My husband is one of those guys who eats the same
thing over and over and over until he gets sick
of it and then he doesn't eat it for years.
Right now it is teriyaki chicken.
He's tried teriyaki chicken all over the valley
and nothing is hittin the spot for him so I decided to
try out one of my pins and make some for him.

It was pretty darn good so I thought I would share.
You can pin it too if you want to...
here's my pin 
(said in a Jeff Foxworthy here's your sign kinda way)

picture was taken from my pin which was taken from this awesome blog
and here's the original.
The man suggests grilling the chicken 
and not cooking it in the crockpot.
He is the master of teriyaki chicken.
That's what we'll do next time.
Also I changed it up a little and put
brown sugar in it instead of white.

So here's the deal...
I will be testing and telling hopefully often.
I've put creative time on my chore chart for the summer
and I want to earn my rewards so I have to do it!!

Have a beautiful day!!


p.s.  There is one more spot available for 
an Artsy Weekend with Jeanne Oliver...just sayin.

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