Monday, April 22, 2013

Friends {Birds of a Feather}

Over the past few years I have been so blessed to find some amazing friends.
I say find because I have tried to actively seek out the friends that I want in my life.
I have met some incredible women who love to create and have a passion for life.
They love their families, their God, their creativity and they want to be good women.
I love them.
This past weekend was so much fun. 
 Two of my dear friend's had the debut of their
new flea market {FLEA ATTITUDE}.
 It was m.azing.  So many great vendors and 
those two ladies, Jennifer Reed and Cathie Cox
 are good people...really good women.
I was so excited to be able to help them 
set up and be there for them.  
If you missed it there's another one
 on June 8th in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

It was also *SNAP*.
That is a blogging conference that happens
here in Utah in the Spring.  It brings bloggers
from all across the country.  I went last
year and if you blog it is a good place to go.
The thing I loved about it this year was 
it brought some of my friends from 
far-away to Utah...friends that I made at
{SPARK} and friends from *SNAP*
the magic behind {SPARK}, calls us all 
sisters and that's just what we are.

And last but not least, I got to see some
of my ~an ARTSY WEEKEND~ 
women.  I love these girls.  I don't know
if they quite realize that they will be forever 
in my heart.  Their faces will always remind
me that I achieved something great.

So all of these groups came together on
Saturday night and we got to chat and laugh
and it was some much needed girl time
for this lady!  Thank you to all of you amazingly
talented, awesome women, who I am so happy
to call my friends.

I was talking to someone the other day about
what advice I would give to those young mothers
 that are just starting out.  My advice to them would be to
take time for themselves to do something they
love and that one of the most important things in life
is really good friends.  Women who build you up,
help you out and love you for who you are.
I got pregnant when I was young and the few friends
that I had were still dating and living the single life
and I was married with a baby and it made it
difficult to really have friends.
I was lucky to have a husband that I love to be with
and older sisters that were always there for me
but I really wish I would've cultivated friendships
with other women that shared my interests.
I felt alone a lot and it makes things harder.
When my girl left home I realized that I
was in desperate need of some friends.
So...after all of this rambling...
this is my point.
If you don't have women around you
 that fill that need
get out there and FIND THEM!!
Chances are they need you too.
*smile and a hug*

Happy Monday!!


  1. wow...that looks like an amazing mix of ladies. i recognize many of them.
    i can totally relate to that lonely part and finding true and honest friends that share my interest. i shall continue to seek them out, where ever they may be.
    thanks for our little chat on sat. you are a real gem.

  2. i have a feeling, when we finally meet, we will discover that we will be great friends. highlight to my morning was logging on my blog after weeks and finding you had updated your blog. happy day!


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