Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An Artsy Weekend {Finally}

One month and a few days later I finally
get to writing about the Amazing weekend...
It's how I roll.
I've noticed that when I do something BIG 
and it has taken over my thoughts for months
it is hard for me to put it into words when it's over. 

I LOVED my first {Artsy Weekend}.  LOVED IT!  I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do...that kind of thing.  BUT the BEST thing about that weekend was watching 32 women in a room being CREATIVE and making new friends and laughing and talking and connecting with each other.  It really was exactly what I wanted to happen.  I walked away feeling so blessed to have spent two days with them.  My teachers were all so awesome and people were able to learn new things...I love that!  From Tonya LeMone teaching us how to make yummy homemade artisan bread and ricotta cheese to Chrissy Gardner sharing her knowledge about leather punching and her SPIRIT with all of us.  My friend, Dana Engemann, who is just so darn talented, taught two classes that rocked!  It all started out with the very, very talented Rhonna Farrer giving us a pep talk about using your Creativity  Love, love, love that lady! Saturday night ended with her ChalkBoard Class..she is, after all, the Chalkboard {QUEEN}.   She is also one in a million....her spunk and talent.amaze.
The oh so awesome, Jennifer Reed, transformed this small little room into a BoHo Chic Artist Den that just was well...SO COOL!!  AND I have not one picture of it!!  AACK. It is the little corner picture up there at the left of this collage that I TOTALLY JUST STOLE from Rhonna's blog.
  She has a great post about it right HERE.

Seriously friends.  It was just awesome.

Miss Rhonna sharing her knowledge


Funnest class....Tonya is a GREAT teacher!  
I feel so lucky to call this lady a friend.

Dana taught a class to mix media up a box...

I loved seeing how different everyone does the same thing.

I taught a class on making an art journal.
textures, vintage books...yum.

Funny thing is I learned how to make this particular journal
from this lady on a My Craft Channel video she did with 
Christy Tomlinson.  How fun and intimidating to have her
listen to me!!  Luckily she is THE most supportive, beautiful lady 
EVER in the world.  Not kidding.  Love her.

Chrissy is the leather cuff master...and she sparked a love in so many for leather punching!

Hopefully every single girl came away feeling this.
*big smile*

I feel so so blessed to have been able to have this experience.
I came away with such a feeling of {Achieve}ment.
Not because I pulled off some grand thing but because
the women there loved it.  They had a good time and 
they were so excited to be able to be with other women who
love to be creative and learn new things.  
Thank you to all of you for being there and sharing your spirits with me!!

I really want to thank the people who sponsored give-aways...


All talented, all appreciated!
 AND a huge Thank you to My big sister and her girls 
and to my girl.  I couldn't have done it without them!!

There are still 7 spots available for An Artsy Weekend with Jeanne Oliver...
It's going to Awe.Some.!!

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