Thursday, January 17, 2013

mama {time out}

Last year about this time things started to go a little off track for me.
My brain started into overdrive and I could feel a major mental break coming on.
The beauty of dealing with bi-polar for years is that I can finally see it coming.
I didn't know what to do so I just hung on for dear life and hoped to weather the storm.
I wasn't doing it well.
One Thursday I came home from my morning bus run and told the man I was leaving
for a few days, called in sick to work, waited for hubby to find someone to work for 
him over the weekend, appreciated the hell out of him for being willing to do that, 
gathered up some art supplies, and headed out.  
No destination, just open road and a need to GET OUT OF DODGE.
I found myself going South.  
Southern Utah is beautiful & calm.

I drove, stopped at antique stores along the way, and then drove some more.

I finally found my way where I needed to go.

I hauled all of this up to my room.
I'm pretty sure the people at the front desk thought I was cra.zy.
Which, funny enough, I was a little bit.
I went out to get a few groceries.
And for two days I slept, painted, ate salsa and chips, and calmed my mind.
I wish I could say I was fully healed...I wasn't.
But things were easier to cope with until they were better.

So, I decided this was a needed thing.
That when I felt {IT} coming on, as it does every year, I would head out.
{IT} started last week.
I called my sweet husband and said it was time.
He told me to book the hotel room.
I instantly felt a little bit of the stress dissipate. 
I've been gathering supplies.
I'm on my way this weekend.


  1. You go girl! Eat some chips and salsa for me and enjoy your time away from it all.

    1. thank you sweet friend. i will. woohoo!!

  2. Bless Dave. What a great guy! Enjoy your time. <3

  3. Good for you! I get to take my "time out" to St. George in February! Stopping at antique stores is on my list of things to do, I am wondering if you can give me any suggestions of some must stops? I enjoy your site and the good vibe I get from it! Thanks you, Paige

    1. Paige,

      It was awesome! Sometimes we just need it, right? I have heard there are a couple in Cedar City but I haven't been to them. Maybe just drive through Cedar and see if you spot them?? You HAVE to go to Urban Renewal in St. George. It's awesome and not too pricey.
      THANK YOU!! What a great compliment. Did you get my email about the Artsy Weekend?

      Enjoy your time out!

  4. Marcie, I'm so sorry you struggle with Bi-Polar and so happy you take the time to get away during your low times. That's the best thing you can do. I lost my 27 year old son a little over a year ago from Bi-Polar Depression. He took his life and left two small children. I watched him go through his ups and downs and felt helpless as to what to do. It seemed that no amount of therapy, medication, or support did little to help during his manic episodes. I so appreciate you sharing your story and wish you success in dealing with this debilitating condition.

  5. i admire that you know when enough is enough and you know what to do to cope. sometimes that is 1/2 the battle. open road makes me giddy and happy. jealous.


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