Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh the Places I LOVE to Go...

Just had to share one picture of my get-away with you...
gosh I love this great State I live in.
AND the blue sky was FABULOUS!!
(Utah County has been stuck in a cloud of goo for weeks)

Anyways...I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite
places to go and dig for junkin' treasures. 
 I'll start with one of my most happy of spots,
You have to go here and see her pictures of it...
you will see why I love it.

is always a fun place to visit.
It's a go to place for sure, if you are looking for something 
chances are you will find it there.
Make sure you poke around outside because there are 
good finds sometimes that are covered in snow.
*big smile*

Those are a couple of places close to home.
There are several others that are in Utah County
that I love to go to but those are the two I visit most.

I wanted to share some of my fave spots that I got to hit
while on my {SOLO} trip down South.

The first little spot is in Scipio, Utah.
It is a tiny little town so you know I love it.
*wink and a smile*
The owner and his wife are in and out so sometimes
they may not be there but if they are make sure and
stop in.  They actually are gold miners that live in Alaska
sometimes!!  I know, right??  Plus Gary is from Eureka which
is this little mining town that I LOVE to go to when I need
to head out for a little jaunt out of the valley.
He and I are kindred spirits.
He's a cool ole guy.
I like to plop down in front of the counter and go through
all of his jars of treasures.
Again, don't forget to dig around outside...good stuff!!

K now...I know this is a weird place to get excited about going to, but I do.  
Don't make fun.
I ALWAYS stop at the Richfield, Utah Deseret Industries (DI).
For those of you who are not familiar with the DI it is a thrift store
that is run by the Mormon Church.

I don't know if I just have killer luck but I usually find something
really good there...YAY!  Once my sister locked us out of her car at
the DI in Richfield, or so we thought.  After waiting for a locksmith
for 1/2 an hour we discovered the back hatch was unlocked. LOL

There is also a little antique store on Main Street in Richfield but it's 
a little too pricey for this cheap girl.  There is some neat stuff in there
so if you aren't in a hurry it would be worth a stop by.

I LOVE this place.  The only problem is that they aren't open year round
and I think it's a little iffy as to when they open for sure so you'd have to call them.
Ole' Joe Smith, YES his name is Joseph Smith!, he's a pretty interesting fella.
Him and his wife are well....let's call it a leetle eccentric.
Super nice people.  Lots of good stuff and little places to explore.

Funny story...
My husband was working in Richfield for a few months right after
we bought the farm and for Christmas he really wanted to get me an old
manure spreader for the yard.  He found tons of them abandoned in fields but
farmers are funny about selling things even if they are rotting in a field.
So, after calling every farmer in the county and having no luck, he finally found
Joe.  He had THE manure spreader for me and so Dave purchased it but
it took him a week to be able to get it.  When he went back to pick it up
Joe told him that he had gone to the coffee shop and told his buddies that some
guy had bought his wife a shit spreader for Christmas!!  They all laughed and 
figured Dave didn't like me very much.  He explained that he really liked
me and in fact I would probably cry when I saw it.  I did.
There's my Joe Smith story.

I also usually get lucky at this thrift store in Panguitch.
Last year...another quick story...I giggled hard core at this place.
There was a group of old women that looked like they may
have been alive during the wild west days.  They were
talking about texting and cell phones and how they are evil and 
they had the most foul language I have ever heard come out
of an old ladies mouth...seriously I think I may have laughed 
out loud!!  It shocked the crap out of me and it was so funny.

 Bronco Bobbi's in Panguitch is awesome.
It makes you want to wear cowgirl boots and a tutu at the same time.
They were closed this year and I was so sad.  She doesn't open till March.

One more spot in St. George, Utah.

I drool in this store.  I'm not kidding.
LOVE.LOVE.LOVE this place.
The guy who does their displays is a freakin genius.
They have an old school playground slide hanging
from the ceiling, that's how cool this place is.
And my friend, Jeannette's brother owns a food joint
right across the street so you can go get some good food
right close too!!  BONUS!

So, there you go, like I said there are so many little spots 
here, there and everywhere that I love to go to.  
I didn't even go North...don't even get me started.
Go forth and junk my sisters.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

mama {time out}

Last year about this time things started to go a little off track for me.
My brain started into overdrive and I could feel a major mental break coming on.
The beauty of dealing with bi-polar for years is that I can finally see it coming.
I didn't know what to do so I just hung on for dear life and hoped to weather the storm.
I wasn't doing it well.
One Thursday I came home from my morning bus run and told the man I was leaving
for a few days, called in sick to work, waited for hubby to find someone to work for 
him over the weekend, appreciated the hell out of him for being willing to do that, 
gathered up some art supplies, and headed out.  
No destination, just open road and a need to GET OUT OF DODGE.
I found myself going South.  
Southern Utah is beautiful & calm.

I drove, stopped at antique stores along the way, and then drove some more.

I finally found my way where I needed to go.

I hauled all of this up to my room.
I'm pretty sure the people at the front desk thought I was cra.zy.
Which, funny enough, I was a little bit.
I went out to get a few groceries.
And for two days I slept, painted, ate salsa and chips, and calmed my mind.
I wish I could say I was fully healed...I wasn't.
But things were easier to cope with until they were better.

So, I decided this was a needed thing.
That when I felt {IT} coming on, as it does every year, I would head out.
{IT} started last week.
I called my sweet husband and said it was time.
He told me to book the hotel room.
I instantly felt a little bit of the stress dissipate. 
I've been gathering supplies.
I'm on my way this weekend.