Saturday, December 29, 2012

Meet {Betty}

As you already know...I'm a sucker for things that have a history.
The other day against all of the *no you cannot go* going on in my mind,
I went to an estate sale.
The email said vintage...vintage...vintage...
how could I stay away???
I couldn't.
About two minutes in I knew I was in {Vintage Heaven}.
It's a real place...seriously.
The lady who owned the house was, along with her sister,
a Starlet in Hollywood back in the 30's and 40's.
The history was there and was tangible.
The house hadn't been touched since the 70's.
(think shag carpet and wood paneling)  
 I made my way through, found some cool stuff,
started my pile, and then I went downstairs.  
Think 70's entertainment lounge...oh yeah.
This lady had some parties.
I rounded the corner and saw Betty.

I instantly knew if she worked she was coming home with me.

She is perfect for the cabin that is yet to be.
(and is already furnished...wink, wink.)
The best thing...$40.
The last 50's fridge I had seen was $350
and covered in bat poop.
I think I tripped over myself running up the stairs
with that adrenaline rush you feel when you find
something {GOOD} running through my body.
You know that feeling, right??

I dragged the estate sale guy downstairs, we plugged her in,
he promised not to sell her for a couple of hours til we 
figured out if she worked and I went on my way.
Now to convince the man that I really NEEDED her for
my Christmas present.  It was a NEED for sure.
*big smile*

It only took me a few minutes and a promise
 that I would make sure
she worked and he was on board.
I went back two hours later, she was all cold and iced up
and 5 guys later (they had built a bar around her and she had to
be lifted up and over the bar and taken up some stairs. Thank you
to the family and friend, who totally think I'm nuts, for the help!)
she was on her way home.
Oh yeah baby.
So, why Betty you ask?  
Because I think the lady who lived here
was a little like Betty Draper.
A little glam, beautiful and maybe a little
bit on the bitchy side.
Hopefully, someday soon, we can have a cold
beverage and sit on the porch of the cabin
on a hot summer day and it will be because of {Betty}.


  1. That is awesome! My daughter would have swooned at the 70's decor. It's her favorite! Did you acquire other things?

    1. She would have been in HEAVEN! I got some really cool lounge chairs for outside and an old crib (chalkboard material!) and a few other things. FUN stuff!

  2. Awesome! My Grandma had a fridge like that in the basement of the Farm house in Oregon. Except it was bigger. A massive behemoth. I DO love that moment when you finally get your hands on just the right pieces and I always love to know things about the places they come from. There is only 1 thing I hope to inherit from my in-laws- a massive oak cabinet with a million little drawers (like a card catalog) that was used for 100 years in the family hardware store on Center Street in Provo. It's an amazing piece with tons of history!

    1. That cabinet sounds like the coolest thing around!! I love old cabinets like that...I hope it comes your way!!

  3. You find the awesomest stuff. I wish I wasn't on a time crunch to finish my bunkhouse... I'd have you find me some stuff and design the whole thing for me. I'm pretty sure you could make it the coolest space ever.

    1. SHUT UP! You have a bunkhouse?? Your new house sounds so dang cool...I can't wait to see it someday. I would love to design and find good stuff for you...we could have a good time doing that!!

  4. What an amazing find!! Good things happen to GOOD people like you my friend!! Love you!!!

  5. you have great style. my mom would die for that- i love that her name is betty. we are the "B" family and we name everything!


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