Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Using Your {JuNk} 101

This here is a new little 
spot on my blog we are going
to call 
~Using your JuNk 101~
I won't pretend to be an expert,
because I'm not. But I do love
the good ole' stuff and I do
love to actually use it...
I'm not a 
*look at it on a shelf*
 kinda gal.

The farmhouse is, let's say, cozy.
That means that everything
 has to pull its own 
weight around here.
So half the fun of junkin'
to me is thinking of ways
to use it that it wasn't 
intended to be used for.
I thought I would just share
a few of those ideas with 
you here and there.
*big smile*

I LOVE metal...metal baskets, buckets, pots, dishes.
It doesn't matter if it's aluminum, rusty, galvanized, you get the point.
That little bucket up there was a bait bucket in its day.
Thus the name on the front, Min-o-Lite.
I have a few and one day while trying to figure out
what in the world to put the dripping tub toys in,
the bait bucket popped into my head.
It has a basket with holes so the water can drain out!
So, plop...There you go.  It's perfect because
the littlest one can get into it easily, the toys dry out fast
AND it's aesthetically pleasing.  Woo Hoo!!

There you go...easy peasy.  They aren't too
expensive.  I got mine in Phoenix a few
years ago but I see them often in my junkin' travels.
{JUNK}  It's not just to look at.
*big smile*


  1. You are an expert... you can't convince me otherwise. :)

  2. Can I just shop at your house!!!!

  3. brilliant. talented. smart. resourceful. brilliant. talented. smart. resourceful. REPEAT.


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