Friday, September 7, 2012

Run Away

There is a lot going on right now in our lives.
Building the greenhouse, pictures soon to come.
Getting ready for Studio 5 to come and do a segment, 
post to come.
The marketplace is coming up...
and it is going to be FABULOUS this year...
post to come.
Are you sensing a trend here?
Add in to that my other job being a bus driver,
kids that need stuff {oh yeah, I have kids?},
and just trying to keep up with the day to day.
Every once in a while my brain goes into over load
{emergency lights going off} and this mama needs
a minute to recoup.  Yesterday morning amidst

I don't want to wear that, I can't go in 
my room to get dressed because there's a spider,
I want a home lunch...all done with that whiney
high pitched cry voice.  

Something inside my head went SNAP and I could
feel it getting ready to come out so I just left.
Yep, I sure did.  I stopped and got me a Pepsi
and some salt and vinegar chips, yes at 9am, and
headed for the hills.  Blasted a little Mindy Gledhill,
drove up the canyon and soaked in some peace for a minute.
That's all it took...some beautiful leaves, a little twinge of 
fall in the air and singing by myself in the truck.

Sometimes we just need to take a time-out...
and that's just fine.
*big smile*


  1. Loved this post. timouts are a god-send. Sometimes we just need a quiet moment to put it all in prespective and re-group. Can't wait to read all about the exciting events coming up in your life. You are one busy woman.

  2. Oh heaven... that is just gorgeous! You are one smart woman. :)


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