Friday, September 14, 2012

My Heart is a Little Full...

My heart is full today and I wanted to share it with you.
Once a year I get to watch the gnarliest group of guys you've
every seen descend on a hotel.
It's like a biker convention rolls into town.
But instead of being scared of them, I feel safer
than you will ever feel anywhere anytime.
They are all narcotics officers from Utah.
I get the privilege of hanging out with them for a week.
My husband is on the board for the 
Utah Narcotics Officers Association and 
I get to go to their conference with him.
Besides getting to spend a week with my husband,
I get to spend time with these guys.
They are men who are dedicated to 
getting drugs off the streets of Utah and they do 
an amazing job.  If you are from Utah you
probably remember this incident.
That was a horrible, horrible day.
I watched those men put their arms around
each other in a huddle last year at the conference
and tell each other how much they loved
each other and how they knew they would always
have each others backs.  
Last night I got to be there as those officers
were honored by their was so cool.
It felt so good to honor them myself.
It was humbling to watch Officer Francom's 
parents accept an award on behalf of their 
son for his willingness to give his life for 
a cause he believed in.
I just wanted to share that with you.
Pray for those men who are fighting a good fight.
Thank them because they are protecting you
and your families.


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