Sunday, September 23, 2012

{Junk} Porch Style

My porch got the Autumn treatment this week.  I love, adore, long for and
crave Fall for a good portion of the year.  I love the smells...the colors...
the promise of the season ahead.  Everything about it really. 
From the early sightings of colored leaves on the mountain to late fall cold
and rain, it leaves me wanting it to last longer.
I would rather decorate the porch for this season than any other...

yes, even Christmas!  I also have a strange adoration for pumpkins and
there is no shortage of them used for decorating around here.

The porch is a great place to use the good {junk} for creative good.
You gotta know I love anything metal that can be used to contain something.

When I saw this little vintage crib mattress spring I knew I needed it,
just wasn't sure where it would go.*smile*  It turns out I did need it...
to hang right above the front door.  It is the perfect place for a little
burlap bunting and to let a few minikins hang from...just poke a hole
through the middle and hang them with some rayon seam binding. Lovely.
I actually can't wait to decorate this for's gonna be good.

We found this beautiful stained glass window that we got for a steal because
the middle pane was gone.  The man put a piece of tin in there, we hot-glued the
house numbers onto it and voila', a pretty welcome to our home.

Don't forget the all important porch chairs.  We like the old stuff so ours
are a couple of seats out of an old meeting place in Manti, Utah.
Add a couple of pillows and a crocheted blanket in the perfect shade of orange.

The following plug is brought to you courtesy of me:
Burlap bunting can be found at Fallow Field Farm Marketplace this weekend.
*big smile*

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