Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pictures {redone}

I am NOT a whiz at PhotoShop.  
Thanks to Kim Klassen I can at least use it a little bit.
When Picnik shut down I thought I was done for
in the photo editing department.
But then I found two photo editing sites
that are the bomb.com.
(Did you know that you cannot use the bomb.com
on Facebook...go ahead, try it.  It won't let you.)
So I thought I would share them with you.
First of all...Pixlr.
If you go to the 
it is seriously one of the coolest things ever!
AND you can download it onto your phone
to use on Instagram...which I may or may not be
slightly addicted to.
Play with it...you will LOVE it.
I guarantee it.

{before Pixlr}

{after Pixlr}

If you are looking for easy-peasy,
PicMonkey is the place to go.
It is what I use if I have to re-size or
add text really quickly and easily.
It kind of took the place of Picnik but
it is 1,000 times better I think.

{before PicMonkey}

{after PicMonkey}

So, there you go.
Two of my favorite places on the www.
Have a great day and go edit some photos.
*big smile*

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  1. Your scarecrows are adorable!! How did you make them? I'm anxiously waiting for the 29th!


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