Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sweet Little Vintage Sewing Machine

Oh I am sooo excited right now!
I just found this little beauty at Curious Sofa...
love that Debbie Dusenbury.

So, why would I want this??
I have a good reason, really I do.
When we put this up this summer...

it is going to be my studio.
{Hopefully someday you can come and take a class here.}
*wink and a smile*

And a studio needs to be a fun place to be, right??
I thought it would be rad
(why, yes, I do watch American Pickers)
to have the man put
up a shelf and line that shelf 
with old sewing machines.
I've already started collecting and that 
little red sewing machine, 
well she needs to be on that shelf.  
Don't you agree?
*big smile*

Oh I am so excited for that cabin!

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  1. darling! so cute! oh i would love to be a vendor...i am due right in the middle of sept!!

    found you from rhonna!


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