Monday, June 25, 2012


So I was cruising through my other blog tonight
and came across this post and it made me so proud of myself...
I know that isn't very modest but well...I am!
I dreamed a dream and put it into action and *BAM* we are
in our 3rd year of doing our marketplace.
Anywho, I wanted to share this post with you.

march 21, 2008
here i am at 1:08am with insomnia. i have this problem where the minute i lay my head on the pillow, no matter how tired i am, every thought imaginable comes into my mind. i worry about stupid things or i don't know, whatever. tonight when i laid down, exhausted by the way, my eyes popped wide open and i began to have thoughts of grandeur. i have wanted to have a home show of sorts at my house for a few years now. i got this great thought after seeing an article in a magazine of a lady who has shows a couple of times a year in her very cool barn. so i've been holding out for a very cool barn. not going to happen anytime soon. i do, however, have a pretty cool yard. so my little brain starts thinking 1,000 miles per minute about how great this could be. i start envisioning...booths, handcrafted, cool products...who could i handpick to be involved? what kind of advertising should i do? mady and her cheer buddies could have a killer bake sale/raffle for a fund raiser (heaven knows that we need funds for cheer!), maybe we could make a quilt to raffle or janet, a fellow cheer mom who also owns a very cool store named 'busy biddy' in orem, might be willing to donate something. where would they set up their little bake sale? out front in the drive, at the side of the house where people would have to walk by them to come into the fabulously fallishly decorated back yard? should we do it in september, and if so, what part of september? how many booths should we have and where would we place them? would it be okay to have a few in the way back by the deer pen or would they feel left out back there? would people actually come to this great event? what would i advertise it as...a craft fair, no...a boutique, artisans fair, kind of like that one. wouldn't it be so fun to have a huge bonfire weenie roast with all of the vendors and families after everyone was done taking down their booths? so finally i gave up and thought i would get up and put all of these fabulous ideas down on paper...then i start thinking about who i could invite to participate...kelly mccaleb is a fabulous new blog that i have found and she has so much talent! she does the beehive bazaar...what other fabulous ladies reside in utah who would participate? so then i'm online cruising around every utah blog and site that i can find. i discovered a whole new utah world, by the way. i live in an awesome state. so that is where you find me at looking for awesome ladies to participate in this awesome home show that will probably seem like a wacky idea in the morning. or maybe not. stay tuned to find out. goodnight.

Thank goodness we are done with cheer and high school...
no more bake sales
or thoughts of paying for cheer. 
I have found fabulous vendors from our great state, 
not Kelly McCaleb but many others.
I have also made some amazing friends,
spent some great time sharing our little corner
of the world with the people who have come,
it made its way to being a 'Markeplace'...
and I have loved every minute of it!!


  1. You are amazing. The end. :)

  2. LOVE it! So need to see what FallowField Farm grew from! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have those same kind of late night "delusions of grandeur" thinking and some pretty cool stuff has come about as a result of it. I love that you not only think the thought- but are willing to put action and hard work behind it! My hat's off to you! My "cowgirl hat" that is! Can't wait to see this years event!

  4. Hiya! Does the rate of updates of your site depend on specific things or you create blog articles when you have a specific mood or spare time on that? Can't wait to see your reply.


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