Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

I want you to hum the tune of that John Denver song as you look at these...
he's singing about Colorado but it applies.

I always feel so blessed to live in Utah.
It is beautiful here...year round and throughout pretty much all of the state.
My favorite time of year is Autumn...but that special time of Autumn when the
first snows start to fly but it isn't quite winter like.
I am a skier...not so much as I've gotten older but when I was younger I looked
forward to the resorts opening almost as much as Christmas.
There is nothing like skiing down a mountain with cold wind in your
face and your hair a flyin.
I got distracted there for a sec...sorry.

A couple of weeks ago I got to go scouting for deer camps with the man.
It was breathtakingly beautiful because we had just had our first snow storms
up high in the mountains.  So the leaves were still turning and the snow...ahhh.

I thought I would share a few pictures...

The little ones and I had a fire while the man went on a little four wheeler ride up into the snow...

that kid knows how to cheese it up for me!  *smile*

Well I hope you enjoyed our little ride through the forests.
Have a beautiful fall day!!


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