Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Morning Walk

Jeannette won!
YAY for you!!  You will love it.

You guys want to take a walk with me in the yard 
this morning?  It's such a pretty Fall day.

one of the last roses of the season...

Soooo, I will be pre-selling the new edition of
FOLK right here on the blog
as soon as I have a picture of the new cover!
I am so excited to help them get this
awesome new magazine out to the masses.
I will only have a few copies so if you want
one make sure to check back so that when they
go on pre-sell you can grab one of your very own. 
I will also be giving another one away...
another *YAY*!

yep, that's my bus...

I just love to see people do what they are
passionate about and these young folks that are
putting out *FOLK* are passionate about
the country way of life...it's just so cool to
see them reaching for the stars!

isn't that pampas grass the coolest?

But, meanwhile, I have to tell you that I am
 soooo excited that it will be snowing in the
gorgeous mountains of Utah this week!  
We are going camping soon and I love camping
when there is a little snow.
  I know I am a little ::CRAZY:: but I am a Utah girl.
We do have the best snow on earth.
*wink and a smile*

gosh, i love pumpkins, don't you?

it's gotta come down soon but i love it...soon.

he's just so beautiful and majestic...I'm so lucky to live where I live.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope that wherever you are
you have a little bit of fall to enjoy!

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  1. I am so eager to get my hands on the first issue of FOLK. I got a subscription but was told that I signed up too late to get the first issue? So sad... I can not find it here local and hope to get one through the internet.


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