Friday, October 14, 2011

Marketplace Pictures

We are so glad you made it!

Come on in and see all the handmade goodness...

Nikkole...Flying W Fotos
She took all of these awesome pictures for me...
She's good, real good.

Claudia...she makes the most beautiful shabby chic yumminess.

Beautiful necklaces by the oh so talented Kelli!

Jeannette...who makes some of the cutest hats you've ever seen.

Heidi and Wendy...these two make some of my favorite
jewelry made out of vintage goods.
They will be at Thanksgiving Point for Ya-Ya Sisterhood
this Saturday, October 15th.

Andrea...her market bags are sooo awesome!
Great fabrics and they fold up into a little cool is that?

I'll be back tomorrow with more awesome pictures!!


  1. Gorgeous 'goods'. And it looks like you had amazing weather!

  2. I am so sad I missed it again :(. I guess kids will come first for the rest of my life...

  3. those kids just always do that, don't they?? someday.:D

  4. YEAH, you showed a pic of my bib necklace and pins!!! Can't wait to do this again!!!


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