Saturday, October 15, 2011

Marketplace Pictures Part 2

Ready for some more??

Julie Dunn...m.azing furniture and some cute little vintage goodies!

Lori...those little jars of heavenly cake creations were soo yummy!

Amy..sooo many sweet earrings.

Chiska...this girl loves what she does.
She has so much knowledge about the metals and stones
that she uses and is fun to talk to about them.
Her handcrafted jewelry is amazing!
She also gifted me with some handmade soap and it is yummy!!

Awesome jewelry made with two 15 year old hands...
this girl is going places!!

Even the toilet got a little bit of love.
Attention to details, you know.
*big smile*

I will be back again to share more!


  1. Oh beautiful is right!!
    Loved gazing at these treasures!
    Have a great weekend!

    Deborah xo

  2. Swoon. I sure hope to do something similar on our farm someday. Such talented vendors!

    The portapoopy made me laugh out loud... attention to details, snort!

  3. The cakes in a jar were so yummy, especially the lemon. The little sales gal was a doll and so sharp too.


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