Wednesday, September 28, 2011

FOLK *Give-Away*

Yep, that's right.
I am giving away a copy of FOLK magazines' debut issue.
I ordered two from the BARN HOUSE BOYS just so that I could give one away!
I have a huge magazine problem....
I still have the first issue of Country Living I bought in about 1998.
I look at magazines as a book and I still have my original copy of 
'Little House in the Big Woods' that I got when I was 7.  True Story.

Now, I don't keep every magazine that I get but I do have quite a collection.
And I know a good magazine when I see one...this one is good.
FOLK is a new magazine that is chock full of primitive down-home country goodness.
All the things that this farm girl loves....and wants to share with you!
Soo...there a few things you can do to win.
Leave me a comment.
Follow us on the blog and leave another comment...
if you are already a follower that counts,
 but please leave a comment to remind me that your already a friend!
'Like' us on Facebook...leave another comment.
Give-away closes on Sunday, October 2 at 10pm MST.


  1. Oooh, this looks like a good one!

  2. And... I've liked you on facebook forever. :)

  3. ADD ME, ADD ME!!! I stalk you on Facebook, here and would be at your heels if I thought I could get away with it. I too have a HUGE collection of magazines, and my kids keep trying to sneak a few into the garbage. They make the mistake of putting it into my garbage can thinking i won't go in after them. Mistake!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. That cover is gorgeous!!!! I need to start a subscription asap!

  5. and, yup, i don't like you on fb.....i love you on fb!!

  6. oh buddy! how cool is this?? being at your house for the Fallow Field Farm Marketplace was awesome! you have so many cool things to look at at every turn! ah, i loved it! i, of course, follow your bloggy blog here. :)

  7. and if they have a "love" button to click on facebook, i certainly would click that! until then, i "like" ya on there. ;)

  8. my house is not nearly as cool as yours. it's old, for sure. (we just rent) but not old enough to be COOL! i do, however, have CARPET in the KITCHEN, BATHROOM, and on the BACK PORCH. a pretty sweet deal, right?? yeeeeeeaaahh. no. haha, i have a few projects to do before winter. :) should we ever buy it though -- oh i have been brainstorming things/projects/changes i'd like to do!! bead board, paint, carpet removal, hard wood flooring (under all the carpet!) oh the list goes on and on!! i love inspiration from all kinds of places! :)

  9. I have been wanting to read this magazine!

  10. Just found your blog and recipes. Cant wait to try the pumpkin chocolate bread. Also hope to win the Folk magazine.


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