Friday, November 11, 2011

*FOLK* Christmas Edition

Hey Everyone!
I should be receiving the Christmas Edition of FOLK any day now...I'm so excited!

I will be giving one away as soon as they come so check back the end of this week.
I will also have 8 magazines up for grabs...$6.95 and if you are local and want to pick it up then no shipping.:D  If you live in other places I will let you know the total with shipping upon ordering.
Sooo, if you want to order one let me know via email or comment.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

I want you to hum the tune of that John Denver song as you look at these...
he's singing about Colorado but it applies.

I always feel so blessed to live in Utah.
It is beautiful here...year round and throughout pretty much all of the state.
My favorite time of year is Autumn...but that special time of Autumn when the
first snows start to fly but it isn't quite winter like.
I am a skier...not so much as I've gotten older but when I was younger I looked
forward to the resorts opening almost as much as Christmas.
There is nothing like skiing down a mountain with cold wind in your
face and your hair a flyin.
I got distracted there for a sec...sorry.

A couple of weeks ago I got to go scouting for deer camps with the man.
It was breathtakingly beautiful because we had just had our first snow storms
up high in the mountains.  So the leaves were still turning and the snow...ahhh.

I thought I would share a few pictures...

The little ones and I had a fire while the man went on a little four wheeler ride up into the snow...

that kid knows how to cheese it up for me!  *smile*

Well I hope you enjoyed our little ride through the forests.
Have a beautiful fall day!!


Monday, October 31, 2011

So, Something Exciting is Going On

I have some exciting news...
I have an alter ego and
 she is getting ready to 
peek her head out and say hey.
Her name is Dandelion Farm Girl 
and her little corner of the www
is up and ready to go.
It's taken a fair bit of time.
I'm really nervous.
I really, really, really 
want it to be a success.
So, if you would,
I would love to have you 
visit over there...
on the new farm of a different nature.
And if you want to share it 
with your friends or grab a 
button to put on your blog, 
I'd be much obliged.
Without further ado...
Fallow Field Farm Girl 
is proud to present...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm at *SPARK*!!

Come down for a visit...

there's lots of handmade goodness to be had!!
Noah's in Lindon, Friday & Saturday.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Marketplace Pictures Part 2

Ready for some more??

Julie Dunn...m.azing furniture and some cute little vintage goodies!

Lori...those little jars of heavenly cake creations were soo yummy!

Amy..sooo many sweet earrings.

Chiska...this girl loves what she does.
She has so much knowledge about the metals and stones
that she uses and is fun to talk to about them.
Her handcrafted jewelry is amazing!
She also gifted me with some handmade soap and it is yummy!!

Awesome jewelry made with two 15 year old hands...
this girl is going places!!

Even the toilet got a little bit of love.
Attention to details, you know.
*big smile*

I will be back again to share more!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Marketplace Pictures

We are so glad you made it!

Come on in and see all the handmade goodness...

Nikkole...Flying W Fotos
She took all of these awesome pictures for me...
She's good, real good.

Claudia...she makes the most beautiful shabby chic yumminess.

Beautiful necklaces by the oh so talented Kelli!

Jeannette...who makes some of the cutest hats you've ever seen.

Heidi and Wendy...these two make some of my favorite
jewelry made out of vintage goods.
They will be at Thanksgiving Point for Ya-Ya Sisterhood
this Saturday, October 15th.

Andrea...her market bags are sooo awesome!
Great fabrics and they fold up into a little cool is that?

I'll be back tomorrow with more awesome pictures!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Morning Walk

Jeannette won!
YAY for you!!  You will love it.

You guys want to take a walk with me in the yard 
this morning?  It's such a pretty Fall day.

one of the last roses of the season...

Soooo, I will be pre-selling the new edition of
FOLK right here on the blog
as soon as I have a picture of the new cover!
I am so excited to help them get this
awesome new magazine out to the masses.
I will only have a few copies so if you want
one make sure to check back so that when they
go on pre-sell you can grab one of your very own. 
I will also be giving another one away...
another *YAY*!

yep, that's my bus...

I just love to see people do what they are
passionate about and these young folks that are
putting out *FOLK* are passionate about
the country way of's just so cool to
see them reaching for the stars!

isn't that pampas grass the coolest?

But, meanwhile, I have to tell you that I am
 soooo excited that it will be snowing in the
gorgeous mountains of Utah this week!  
We are going camping soon and I love camping
when there is a little snow.
  I know I am a little ::CRAZY:: but I am a Utah girl.
We do have the best snow on earth.
*wink and a smile*

gosh, i love pumpkins, don't you?

it's gotta come down soon but i love it...soon.

he's just so beautiful and majestic...I'm so lucky to live where I live.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope that wherever you are
you have a little bit of fall to enjoy!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

FOLK *Give-Away*

Yep, that's right.
I am giving away a copy of FOLK magazines' debut issue.
I ordered two from the BARN HOUSE BOYS just so that I could give one away!
I have a huge magazine problem....
I still have the first issue of Country Living I bought in about 1998.
I look at magazines as a book and I still have my original copy of 
'Little House in the Big Woods' that I got when I was 7.  True Story.

Now, I don't keep every magazine that I get but I do have quite a collection.
And I know a good magazine when I see one...this one is good.
FOLK is a new magazine that is chock full of primitive down-home country goodness.
All the things that this farm girl loves....and wants to share with you!
Soo...there a few things you can do to win.
Leave me a comment.
Follow us on the blog and leave another comment...
if you are already a follower that counts,
 but please leave a comment to remind me that your already a friend!
'Like' us on Facebook...leave another comment.
Give-away closes on Sunday, October 2 at 10pm MST.