Monday, September 13, 2010


My name is Nikki, I live in Lehi with my husband of 10 years and my BEAUTIFUL baby girl. We have 4 horses and 2 dogs. I have been practicing Photography for several years just now starting to do it for the public. I love what I call "Free" photography, meaning I don't like posie pictures. I love to capture a child in their own element, rather than a forced smile. I love anything vintage or "different". I love to create Photographs you'll treasure forever, simply doing whatever it is that you do.... ie.. Anything from Laughing out loud, Dancing, Running, Swinging,  even sittin' on the couch 
( YES, I said it... sittin' on the couch, maybe even watching ball ) anything is possible! 

My hobbies are horse riding, camping, kayaking, and snowboarding. I love to spend time with my Family and Friends. I've also been a Flight Attendant for 10 years.

nikki is married to shawn...who is my nephew so it means i'm her aunt and i love, love, love her!
she is a spunky little spitfire and adds a lot to our family.
she also has more talent in her pinky then some have in their whole body!

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