Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hi my name is Celeste. I am your average 10 year old that loves playing with my friends, soccer, shopping, pedicures etc. BUT I am different than most 10 year olds in the way that I also LOVE to sew and cook. This year at the farm I am going to be selling lots of yummy treats so that  I can earn money to help pay for my sewing lessons, piano lessons, and clothes for school.

I will have plenty of homemade toffee, caramel pretzel sticks, cupcakes, sugar cookies, muffins, breads, peanut butter bars, crazy crunch popcorn and many other tasty treats for you to try. Wow, I bet by now you are hungry and starting to see and imagine all the goodness that I will have to share with you. Right?  In fact I’m getting so tired and hungry myself just thinking about it. So I guess I better be off to my cooking.

By the way, did I already tell you The Fallow Field Farm is going to be great this year? Because it is!!  I am so excited to see you and to meet you at the farm this year.  See ya there!

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