Thursday, August 19, 2010

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Flying W Forge

Flying W Forge was created by Shawn and Nikkole
Winters. The name was inspired by Nikkole's
Flight attendant career and Shawn's love of Blacksmithing. They found a way to put together Nikkole's obsession with home decor and Shawn willingness to impress her. They specialize in Custom Ornamental Iron and welcome special orders.

I also have the privilege of being Shawn's aunt!
Nikki is an added bonus thanks to marriage and she is a
really good bonus.  I'm lucky like that.:D
They are an awesome team and Shawn's work with 
metal is amazing!!  As well as wood, and anything else
he puts his hands on.  He's one talented guy.

I am so excited to have them as part of the Marketplace this year.

Here's a little sampling of what he does...

this one shawn made for his second great love,
their little girl, quincy...

this was created for a mother who lost her son...

Like I said...full of talent!!

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