Friday, October 2, 2009

~The Booths~

My amazingly talented photographer friend, Melinda, took lots of pictures at the show. Way too many to post at one time so I'm going to break it up a little. Here are pictures of most of the booths...I'll post pictures of the goods sold tomorrow.

I love this picture of the sign...
The very creative Christine of This & That Creations.

The sweet and gorgeous Tanya of Huckleberry Cottage.

The talented Trio...Staci Thacker, Amy Page, and Jennifer Wilson.

Tu-tu heaven. Every little girl and big girl alike wanted one of these
sweet little creations by Ashalon.

Nichole and her two friends, Clarissa and Clairice, put the hip and fresh spin on the show for us. These girls have talent!

1-of-a-kind Vintage, ahhh so pretty.
These two sisters are so sweet and gorgeous!
Talented too and they have the cutest dad....lucky girls.

Yummy goat's milk soap and lotion by Cindee of Lily's Lathers.

My gorgeous little niece who is carrying my boy for me...ha ha cute is she all pregnant? We shared a booth and all of the darling baby things are hers. Thanks Haley for everything. She is the talented little sewer behind Hayleaves.

Haley's skirts

And then there's these two. The supplier of stickers to every child who walked by. These two ladies are the salt of the earth. Good people. They were donating everything they made to the Wives of the Lindon Police who are raising money to put together newborn packs for the Christmas Box House in Utah County. They are also two of my favorite people! Thanks Jenny and Tracey.


  1. so nobody laugh at my sexy pose... i didn't think she was really going to take my picture RIGHT then... mindy!!!!!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Haley!!! Pha ha ha. Loff it!

  3. It was awesome to be a part of this great event! You forgot to mention your amazing "sticheries and such"! I've still been thinking about one of your pillows for my Mother.
    What wonderful women and yes... amazing creativity and talent! Hope we can all keep in touch!

  4. We should all go to Gardner Village Witches Night Out! All the Apron girls...Haley can be a pregnant witch! I was literally a witch during my whole pregnancy! hehehehe


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