Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well I just had to share this with you all...

Nichole, one of our fabulous vendors, is opening a little shop in Pleasant's located in a beautiful old house on the corner across from the park. Main and something. Here's a picture of it.

It will be a place where you can find all handmade goods that change that! She will also have classes that too! Go and visit the website and find out all about it.
She is looking for crazy talented people to come and showcase their arts.

Way to go Nichole!!! Can't wait to see the mini Anthro in P.G. ;D

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

and last but certainly not least....

I love all of these pictures of the sign...we waited a long time to get one
made and I'll be danged if it didn't turn out just like we wanted it to...perfection.
Nichole Huntington is so hip and fresh and cute...

she has great ideas and knows how to display them...vintage suitcases, yum.

Oh I loved these little dessert many pretty dishes.
Her very cute headbands that every girl wants...including mine.

These handmade cards are beautiful...such talent.
Clairice is also just gorgeous.
One of those girls who is just naturally beautiful in a quiet way.
Her art is the same way.

And I love the name of her business, Nifty Swank.

This little lady, Clarissa, actually made more of
these adorable shirts while she was sitting at the show.

They are very cute pregnant niece bought one for her baby to be...oh so cute!

Here's one of my favorite Apron Girls, Sha.

Cute, cute hairbows, binkie clips and bracelets for little ones.
She also has an extremely clever hairbow hanger that needs to be on etsy!

Down below here you see a few of the scrapbooking kits
put together by my girls, Tracy and Jenny.
And then the aprons...

oh how I love Andrea's aprons...
well made and adorable!
I wish I had a picture of the tuffets.
Don't know what a tuffet is?
Click on Andrea's name up there on the side
and go see one of her tuffets.
Every little girl should have one for her room.

On to Ashalon's sweet little tu'tus.
These are not just your average tu'tu.
Some of the cutest dang costumes you have ever seen.

There's a beautiful girl. She and my mom baked and baked and iced and dipped...
Thank you for all the support she received.
She made enough to pay for a good portion of
cheer! Can I get a Y.E.S!
My little sil, Aubrey made these adorable Santa's and did a fabulous job!
Her first dip in the pool of crafting and selling.
I'll be taking these to Dickens Festival in St. George in December or
you can get a hold of me if you are interested in purchasing some.

Well here's Christine, another of my favorite Apron Girls.

Her booth was so pretty and right in the center of the world at our show.

She really does have a little of this and a little of creative.

Apple pie filling...yummy!

She is just a sweet, kind, adorable lady.

Whew...we're through. Can you believe all of the talent that these ladies have? Amazing...all of them. I can't wait to have them all here again next year! So now you have seen all that they do you know where you can buy all of your Christmas presents.;D They are on the side up there and most have a blog or an etsy store. If they don't then let me know and I will get them in touch with you. I will guarantee that you won't be disappointed by any of them...they are all well made and beautifully crafted.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

~More Eye Candy~

Did I say tomorrow? Oh yeah I meant 4 or 5 days! ;P
Here's a little more of those talented ladies...

These adorable paper crafts are from the equally

adorable Jennifer of

Hand-Picked NEED to go and check out her blog.
Click on her name up there, but wait until you see what else we have below.

These are such beautiful little picture frames made by

Staci Thacker who is equally adorable to Jennifer up there.
She also has sweet little earrings and I have a pair of the most
beautiful shade of green em!

And these hair clippies, which I adore, are made by Amy
aka Posh Lily. She has two of the cutest little boys you've seen.

Oooo and this yummy stuff is goat's milk soap...

it's made by Cindee and it is goood stuff. She kept giving me
calming aromatherapy lotion all day and I think it may have worked!;D

Oh now these two girls...I can't say enough about them.
They are twins...Heidi and Wendy... and they are sweethearts.

I fell in love with them and their beautiful necklaces...
they are such awesome ladies.

And they have a great knack of stickin a bunch of junk together
and making it look good

and everyone knows how much I can appreciate that!!!
If you want to get in touch with these two then you'll have to let me know.
You really do need one of these vintage pieces of bling.

well i am still not done and i really will try to post more pictures tomorrow....
just so you know all of these talented girls are on the side up there. just click on their name and it should take you to their blog or etsy shop. if it doesn't then let me know and i'll get them in touch with you.

thank you again to my super awesome and talented photographer, mindy!!! she's awesome, eh?

Monday, October 5, 2009

~Here comes the good stuff!~

Here's just a sampling of the amazing things for sale at...

Miss Tanya, of Huckleberry Cottage, had so many cute, creative things for sale...including some of her amazing stitchery patterns.

Hey these are a few of my things...

love note pillow...
lovely blue vintage suitcase full of pillows...
my sister ginny's most beautifully quilted quilts...

amazing jeweled watchbands from Shar...

and the faces they go many very pretty choices.

Oh yes...look at all there was to see! So many awesome things that I'll have to post more pictures tomorrow.:D