Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hayleaves is a one woman show... I am a very fickle girl who still hasn't decide after 4 years in business what to focus on. Therefore I dabble in just about everything. Whatever seems to inspire me that hour is what gets worked on.

My grandma taught me to sew when I was little, but the LOVE to sew didn't hit me until I had my own princess to sew for. I love everything and anything frilly, soft, and PINK!!! But here is where the fickle part of me kicks in... cause i love pastels, bright colors, black & whites, polk-a-dots, plaids, and just about any fabric I can find in my local quilt store.

I take custom sewing orders for just about anything (sorry, with a baby on the way I can't take any more big orders due by Christmas).

I've made everything from aprons to nursery sets to wedding dresses.
Lately I've spent many hours at the computer learning how to digital scrap book. Who knew something so crafty and fun could be so.... not messy? There will be a few things to show off my latest love, but most of my stuff is from my first love... baby STUFF. Bummies, Quilts, Sun Dresses, Beanies, Slings, etc, etc, etc... oh, and i may even throw in an apron or two. I also have my very first pattern in print that i'll be selling... and maybe even giving one or two away.

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