Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My mom started sewing at age 6 and the first thing she ever made was an apron. She and her grandmother would sew together every weekend from the time she turned about 10 years old until several years later. When I was little all I can remember is sitting on the ground between my mother's sewing table and my great-grandmother's sewing table waiting for the scraps to get tossed to the floor so I could "make" something. At age 6 it was decided I was old enough to learn how to sew and not only did I have my mother's original teacher (my great-grandmother) I also had a very talented sewing mother to encourage me through the process. My great grandmother was in good sewing health until I was 16 years old and I am constantly inspired now when I think of the 3 of us sewing together.
I love the process of picking out new fabrics and piecing them together for quilts, tuffets and even the covenanted apron we all began with. It constantly reminds me of how we 3 women were pieced together. While all family we could not have come from more different colored and textured fabric yet together our sewing and love has lasted much longer than any vintage quilt.
I'm grateful for their talent and hope that the bright, cheery, whimsical patterns I try to create bring as much happiness to other mother, daughter, grandmother and great grandmother generations of women as they continually do to ours.

That story is the best!
I saw Andrea's very cute aprons and tuffets at the Farmer's Market in Salt Lake and knew I really wanted her to come and be a part of Fallow Field Farm. She also recovers furniture in amazing quilts that she makes. So awesome!

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