Monday, September 28, 2009

~A Big Fat Thank You~

Thank you for all of the support.
Thank you to all of my amazing, talented ladies.
Thank you to my girls for your help.
Thank you to my mom for her hours and hours of baking that helped Mady raise money.
Thank you to the girls from Loa who traveled so far and made my day....all of you.;D
But the biggest thank you goes to the man who worked and worked and worked and then worked some more to make it all happen. Thank you to my sweetheart. I couldn't have done it without you!

there will be more pictures coming soon...picture above was taken by the talented melinda. click on her name over there on the side and it will take you to her most awesome photography blog.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

~Directions to the Show~

There are so many ways to get here...I'll try to cover all of the bases.

If you are coming north on I-15...
exit on 1600 N. in Orem, it is right by The Home Depot. Come straight through that light going north and you will come to a round-a-bout. Go through that until you are facing west. You will be on 800 W. in Lindon. Go straight until you come to 300 N which is also Lakeview Rd. Turn right and we are on the south side of the street.

If you are coming south on I-15. Same directions only turn left when you get off the freeway and then left again at the next light.

If you are coming on State Street....we are the road just to the south of Utah-Idaho Map Supply. It is the next road south of Los Hermanos. At State it says 200 N but it turns into Lakeview. Go straight down that road and we are almost to the end on the south side.

If you are taking Geneva Road...turn on Center Street in Lindon. It is also the road that the church cannery is on if you are familiar with that. You will come to 800 W. take a left and we are the next road on the right. 300 N.

There will be some signs to direct you (hopefully!) and we will be the only decorated, crazy house on the block!!! ;D

I'm so excited to see all of you!!!!!

~Apron Girls Give-Away~

Head on over to Apron Girls and
enter to win some great prizes
just for doing a little advertising for us!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

~1 of a kind Vintage~

Oh how you are going to love these girls...can you say
Sweet Vintage Bling?

Each necklace has a unique design inspired by Vintage pieces. The crystal pendants come from vintage chandeliers. We customize them to fit the specific theme of each necklace. Every chain, bead, and link is recycled from vintage jewelry. We love the challenge of taking the old and transforming it into current trends.


Hayleaves is a one woman show... I am a very fickle girl who still hasn't decide after 4 years in business what to focus on. Therefore I dabble in just about everything. Whatever seems to inspire me that hour is what gets worked on.

My grandma taught me to sew when I was little, but the LOVE to sew didn't hit me until I had my own princess to sew for. I love everything and anything frilly, soft, and PINK!!! But here is where the fickle part of me kicks in... cause i love pastels, bright colors, black & whites, polk-a-dots, plaids, and just about any fabric I can find in my local quilt store.

I take custom sewing orders for just about anything (sorry, with a baby on the way I can't take any more big orders due by Christmas).

I've made everything from aprons to nursery sets to wedding dresses.
Lately I've spent many hours at the computer learning how to digital scrap book. Who knew something so crafty and fun could be so.... not messy? There will be a few things to show off my latest love, but most of my stuff is from my first love... baby STUFF. Bummies, Quilts, Sun Dresses, Beanies, Slings, etc, etc, etc... oh, and i may even throw in an apron or two. I also have my very first pattern in print that i'll be selling... and maybe even giving one or two away.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Dressing up my two sweet little girls is one of my favorite things to do. I got stopped so often by people commenting on what cute accessories my girls had that I decided I had to share these products with everyone. I am dedicated to quality and I love my products so much that my own girls wear them too. You won’t find the same quality in bows and tutus anywhere else. And don’t forget to check out my costumes!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My mom started sewing at age 6 and the first thing she ever made was an apron. She and her grandmother would sew together every weekend from the time she turned about 10 years old until several years later. When I was little all I can remember is sitting on the ground between my mother's sewing table and my great-grandmother's sewing table waiting for the scraps to get tossed to the floor so I could "make" something. At age 6 it was decided I was old enough to learn how to sew and not only did I have my mother's original teacher (my great-grandmother) I also had a very talented sewing mother to encourage me through the process. My great grandmother was in good sewing health until I was 16 years old and I am constantly inspired now when I think of the 3 of us sewing together.
I love the process of picking out new fabrics and piecing them together for quilts, tuffets and even the covenanted apron we all began with. It constantly reminds me of how we 3 women were pieced together. While all family we could not have come from more different colored and textured fabric yet together our sewing and love has lasted much longer than any vintage quilt.
I'm grateful for their talent and hope that the bright, cheery, whimsical patterns I try to create bring as much happiness to other mother, daughter, grandmother and great grandmother generations of women as they continually do to ours.

That story is the best!
I saw Andrea's very cute aprons and tuffets at the Farmer's Market in Salt Lake and knew I really wanted her to come and be a part of Fallow Field Farm. She also recovers furniture in amazing quilts that she makes. So awesome!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

~Lily's Lathers~

This soap is so amazing. It's made with goat's milk, lye, olive oil, and coconut oil and it is so good for your skin. Cindee has all kinds of yummy'll have a hard time choosing! I've actually been able to see her make it and it is all natural and quite a cool process. She also has lotions that are made with natural ingredients...good stuff.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

~Posh Lily~

Crafting, sewing and photography have always been my fun creative outlets, as well as means of self-expression. Now with two small boys, I’ve found that creating cute girly accessories is also a way to maintain some balance (and sanity) in my life. Posh Lily accessories combine classic colors, comfortable materials and bold floral fashions for girls of all ages.

fyi...that little hat right there with the pink's mine and i'll fight you for it.;D


KatyDid Kreations has darling hair bows, beaded binkie clips, and of course some little beaded bracelets to complete the sweetness. Here's a little shout out from the lady behind the cute stuff...

Hi, I’m Sha (said Shay). I am a stay at home mom with a passion for crafting and decorating my little girls. I love to come up with new and cute accessories for my girls and I like to throw something in for myself every now and then. Mostly, I am just trying to stay busy and out of the loony bin!

~This and That Creations~

Christine Ishmael is owner of This and That Creations....when you see her stuff, you literally get a little bit of this and some of that! Christine is always creating new things and changing her home decor to match the seasons. With the fall season and the upcoming holidays just around the corner, she's madly creating some fun items for your home or office! Check out her blog and scroll down to see some of her recent organization, halloween decor (one of her favorite holidays), word art signs and other creative crafty things she's working on for the Fallow Field's Farm show! Being a Mom of 6 crazy kids and wife to one lucky guy keeps her always searching for ways to organize her life and home. Her creations reflect this check her out and come see us at
Fallow Field Farm on September 26th!

here's a little sneak peek...