Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fundraiser time

I'm Mady and also a resident of Fallow Field Farm. It's a difficult task keeping up with my busy mother and hardworking dad, but I manage.
I am also a member of the Pleasant Grove High School Cheerleading team, and since I've been on it we have not lost a competition. We are extremely hardworking, determined, strong young ladies.

I never knew how strenuous Cheerleading was on your mind, your time, and especially your body. A few fractures, a concussion, and a couple sprains later I'm still Cheerleading. It's a sport that has been voted most dangerous to participate in. My doctor told me I was crazy for doing it and that it was much more dangerous that football will ever be. How could it not be? We don't get pads and helmets!

We've been able to make it to Nationals the last two years I've been on the team, and came back successful both times with first place trophies.
This year, I get the 'opportunity' to pay for cheer myself. After all, I have 5 months until I'm 18 and soon enough I'll be paying for things like this on my own.
So, at Fallow Field Farm Days(september 26th from 9am-6pm) I'm holding somewhat of a fundraiser Bake Sale to help myself get to Nationals. There will be all assortments of yummy treats there no matter what your taste buds crave. When you come to Fallow Field Farm Days, bring your appetite and I'll work to match it:)


  1. Hey this totally sounds great, just wanted to FYI ya that your blog is misspelled on Facebook so you may want to fix that. I found it because I'm not an idiot, but you never know, some people are!

  2. Looks great, too bad I'm so far away in Canada! I wandered over here after reading the Apron Girls post, and about the farm (your mom's writing I imagine) which I love.. it's really great that your having this fundraiser to support you cheering, which is a sport, absolutely. I was a varsity cheerleader for 2 years in high school (in Maine), and we made it to Regionals. Got my "varsity letter" from participating in cheerleading. Now I'm a mom of 3 with a degree in education... and a crafter and gardener... and I love all things handmade. Keep doing what you love, and best of luck with the fundraiser!

  3. Yay for cheerleading! You are awesome too!


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