Sunday, November 9, 2014


I have been working on a new space just for an Artsy Weekend.
It deserves it's own little place.
So all of the information for upcoming retreats can be found there.
It still needs a little work but it is good enough to be able to announce
the first retreat of 2015 and have you be able to visit there.:)

This beautiful lady will be here the last weekend of January.  I am so so excited to kick off 2015 with her!!  Stephanie's enthusiasm for what she does and her faith and her love of life is contagious. She is someone to know. She has just announced she has become a part of Documented Faith for 2015 and will be sharing that with us.  As well as her new line that she has created for Sizzix.  We will be art journaling and painting and stitching and making good stuff with our hands and hearts.  Love it!!  There are 12 spots available and I would love to have you there with us!!  You can go here to register and find out more.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Soup in June...

We've had some beautiful cold stormy weather here this week.
If you know me, you know that I really should move to Alaska for
the summer because I HATE the heat.  Anything over 70 and I'm just
plain miserable and a little onry.  Hell anything over 65 and that can happen.

So, I know it's a little weird to share a soup recipe in the middle of June,
but it was 50 something here the other day and I got to make a pot
of one of our favorites.  Not only do we love it but I made it for 
one of 'an Artsy Weekends' and it was a hit.

Recipe can be found right here...
I also have lots of other delicious soup recipes on 
I am a bonified Pinterest addict so if you
don't follow me, you should, because I pin a lot
of super cool stuff.
*big smile*
If you aren't on Pinterest then for heaven's sake
you should be.
Whatcha waiting for??


If you haven't signed up for my weekend with Stephanie
Ackerman there are still some spots available!
I would love to have you there with us.
For all of the info click An Artsy Weekend.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So a funny thing...

It turns out that I can't just quit the retreat thing cold turkey...
soo I decided to just tone it down a little.
Less time, easy location, close to home, not as much worrying.

That being said I am bringing in a lady I am so excited to learn from,
She's talented. 
 If you don't know about her go on over to her blog
and educate yourself about her awesome self.
You will want to be her friend, pinky swear.
She is coming for a Friday night/Saturday class.
Only 12 lucky girls will be able to join us.
You probably want to be one of the lucky ones, right? 
Jump on over to the An Artsy Weekend page...
it'll give you the 411.

Thanks for not holding the whole not being able to quit cold turkey over my head.
You're a peach.
*big smile*